Chart the Future with the newest form of the British Pound

Haycen brings an upgraded version of GBP to you. We move beyond digital money and todays payment rails and bring GBP into a new phase of internet commerce.

Haycen arrives at an important time in the UK economy; with a mission to enable new digital products and services and keep the UK at the forefront of financial innovation

dGBP is the first domestic UK launched Sterling-backed "stablecoin", a fully collateralised digital asset backed 1:1 with a British pound, transacted across blockchains. With enhanced speed, efficiency and greater exposure to innovative new financial products and services, dGBP is the newest addition to UK and global commerce.

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What is the value of a digital British Pound?

dGBP exposes all users to a parallel commercial channel that is becoming increasingly interwoven into traditional finance sectors. By offering this new version of a digital pound, we give enterprise, institutions and users greater choice over how they access and use cash and cash-like instruments denominated in GBP.

dGBP is a deposit backed stablecoin that is 1:1 backed by a British Pound. It is redeemable at any time.

We provide you with a dGBP wallet to hold and transact. Connect your fiat funds and begin your journey.

Use Cases

What can I use dGBP for?


Use Haycen to build dGBP payment rails between stablecoins, fiat and other digital assets. Reduce costs on international payment corridors and build POBO & COBO corridors. SME friendly.

Trading dGBP

Wholesale buyers of dGBP can add dGBP liquidity for crypto, FX, fiat and future CBDC trading pairs. Settle in dGBP to reduce costs.

Financial Services

Financial institutions can add dGBP and build an exciting suite of wealth management, commercial lending and trading products, powered by Haycen and the OSSP.


dGBP reduces transaction costs with key international partners and connects your business to a new consumer base. Integrate dGBP into your operations and balance sheet using our global treasury solution.

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Haycen Payments

Simple and effective way of managing stablecoins with Haycen's wallet and Global Treasury solution for sophisticated back office and balance sheet requirements, denominated in dGBP.
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